Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well Anne
went and waited for me at the bus stop bench. Very warm out there today. +30 for this time of year. I went in not feeling very well and I met Will saying I’m not well, obviously that I’ll try and stay for the full shift but don’t be surprised if I need to leave, if my voice doesn’t hold up. “Okay.” We had a short crew. More tap shooters then front 20 but I stayed after the 7pm break. I need the hours. JT was there and always a pleasure having him ride shotgun with me. We even had a go home early goal. $2,800 and we got just a bit over that. Rob came in. John was saying something like, he probably got kicked out of the house. LOL. But he posted the bank report temporarily and everybody ran to it but he hadn’t a chance to highlight the bonus earners. So I haven’t seen Rob on an evening shift for a long time and I wanted to see if I made bonus and say hi. “You got your raise.” That made my week. Great stuff. I don’t know when it will come into effect. So I’m glad I came in. Also I cleared it with Will to come in just for the 3 hours afternoon shift soI can get my pay cheque

RAW in one word tonight. Boring. On a scale from 1-10, I’d rate it about a 4.5. Sorry guys but tonight’s main event was boring too. Next week promises to be better what with Vince against Triple H.

Because of this cold I have a watery eye along with my floater causing me some blurriness. It’ll pass.

So, I finally got my raise. The official word from the boss tonight. So for the next little while, I can’t miss any of my shifts and I asked Will if I can come in for just Thursday afternoon 1:30pm-4:30pm. That way, Anne can come in at the office, pick up my cheque and cash it and I can go home and get a quick bite to eat and get ready and call Neil and see if I can get a ride in. If I can’t then I’m going to see about getting a lift from within the lodge. But I’ll call tonight just to make sure.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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