Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We went to
work uneventful. I got in as they were calling afternoon totals. We ended up doing HHF again and I did surprisingly well. I ended up doing $598. I sold 3 Upper gallery family passes. A couple of $50’s and a bunch of others. The bonuses were pitifull. $5 for things like first to $600, highest average sale, stuff like that but all for $5 each. Total of $20 bucks for the night. Anyway, I had fun. It was a good night. I got the Hsealth Sciences train or hs train and back to Clairview. It was a long wait and the train was late the driver said over the speakers because of some scavenger hunt going on tonight causing delays. They get off at certain stops and take pictures with their digital cameras. As my train pulled into Clairview this couple next to me were trying to take a photo of themselves in an awkward position. I offered to assist them and took their picture, being the nice guy I can be sometimes. My Northgate bus was waiting for me. There was a “brother” that befriended me that used to work at X a few months ago. I had a chat with him while waiting for the bus to pull out of the station and to my stop. Nice fellow. I got in at 10pm and fired up the computer. I had a nice evening out had some fun and made some money as well for me and for X. Everybody won tonight.


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