Saturday, September 09, 2006

We went into
work last night, fine. I got my pay cheque and the bank report was listed and I got another bonus for next week. So that means that not only will I have my star pay but my raise and $25 in bonuses in there. I should have a nice hefty pay cheque next week. And I’ll be working more hours next week because I’m going to the emergent meeting next weekend. It’ll be fun. So for the first hour we did HOR small semies. I got 2 sales out of it. Then over to the Tap promise land and I did a lot better. I would have had maybe $500 if it wasn’t for wasting that first hour but the taps are drying up for that campaign. Anyhow just before the break I wanted to check on a couple of author books because I brought $15 with me so I called Audrey’s and I wanted to see if they have the Hugo award winner from World Con, Robert Charles Wilson. I haven’t read him before either and he’s Canadian. I went to Fantastic Fiction before I left the house to get some details. The novel he won the award for is called Spin. So I asked if they had a paperback copy for me, and yes they did. I also wanted to find out as an alternative if they had anything by David Drake. I’m looking for his stand alone novels. They did. I worked out the rest of the shift and headed over to Audrey’s and it was at the counter for me. Spin that is. I looked at the DD novel and I asked them to hold it for me until next week.

After that I headed to the lrt. The air outside was very pleasant. I found a seat to myself and pulled out Mindscan and began reading that on the train. Passing Stadium station I saw the overhead outdoor lights revealing their fans high up in their seats. Looks like they had a pretty good crowd out there for the Labour day Classic split between Calgary and Edmonton. I was anxious to see how that was going to turn out. I find it difficult to read on the train especially with the eye floater and all but I read a good two pages on the short ten minute trip home.

The air smelled good and there was a full dark full orange moon hanging low in the Eastern sky

I got home to an empty house which meant Anne was still at work. I fired up the computer right away and tried to finish the last of those thousand words. I did a bit over. I should be at the half mark by tonight. This weekend I’m going to revisit S-O, so I can get that ready to start in just a little over 4 weeks. I should also be thinking about getting another replacement cartridge for my printer asap. And I wanted to get a cell phone? Prioritize James. I’ll get the printer cartridge on the 23rd of this month. Almost on the heals of finishing the rough draft of NW.

Anyway, I decided to watch some Smackdown after all. Anne came in and made me a nice lunch and right after Smackdown, ECW. That was great. Especially the part about DX coming into wrestle Bog Show in a handicapped match. That was excellent. That was their main event and on a scale from 1-10, Id rate that show a 7. Even Smackdown was good. I’d rate that a 6.

I had a break as well and I was in bed by 1:30am listening to some Coast.

I woke up about 3:45am and I fed the cats and did a bit of work in NW and I went to bed by 5am. I slept until 7:20am, so I had a good 5.5 hrs and I can always have a nap when I come home. I hope.

Oh another thing about Robert Charles Wilson, he’s a year younger then I am and living in Toronto. Robert J Sawyer and Mr. Wilson probably see each other on a regular basis living In the same city. Well, not always. Toronto is a big City.

When I got up I fired up the PC and made a coffee and that takes me right back to where I am now. I did a bsl earlier and I was at 9.4. Kind of high but I expect that. Anyway, it’s off for my shower and the other half of the cbi thing and I’ll blog this and get all my stuff packed up and ready for work. It’s a long entry.

Oh and the Esks won the Labour Day split. I think the score was 35-25 or something like that. The Esks were on a terrible losing streak and a win loss record of something like 3-8 on the season. So the Esks coach and the team probably felt pretty good about winning one. Finally. There is still hope they can get into the playoffs.

That’s all for now.


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