Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We went in
as usual. I went upstairs to face the music and had a chat with Will. All he wanted was a phone call. Show the guy sone respect. After all he did go to bat for me as far as the raise was concerned. Will’s a good guy. Anyway it was back to work as usual. I’m going to go in at my usual time tomorrow but Thur and Fri I’m going to endevor to go in earlierfor a couple of afternoon shifts. I’m exhausted and all I want to do is go have an early night tonight. We did BoB and I did $421 and a $30 credit card. JT was there. A pretty good night. Now I can relax what with all that out of the way.

Okay, 4.5 hours later from the above:

I’m missing my “Gold trails..” show right now because we’re having some kind of a problem with our set box digital cable. We've had this service since 2000. JT who has the same service says his sevice out there in Sherwood Pk is running fine. Anne called Shaw Tech support and they’re sending a tech guy out for later this morning. Good stuff. I want this fixed by the weekend.

Anyway I’m glad everything is going smoothly at my job. Two major items coming up within the next 30 days-I’ve got to get my AV subscription updated, asap. This means working more hours for sure now and so I’ll be going in Thu and Fri afternoon. And of course my lodge dues. I want to pay them off for my regular lodge meeting.

The Oilers won their third strait at Rexal Place this evening. They've got some prommising plyers and I hope they keep a few I like so far. Three games in three days. They play Calgary Thursday. I like Rob Schremp, Peter Sykora and of course Makinov. I'm glad the Oilers traded Dvorack though.

I had another break tonight because I was very tired and I listened to a bit of Coast. By 2am I past out and I only woke up around 4:30am when Anne came to bed. She’s going to do a bottle run this morning and I’m holding down the fort waiting for tech support. As for now, I’m going to see if I can get an hour’s worth of writing in. make up for lost time yesterday.
I think I got 464 words yesterday but I’ll make up for it today.

Hopefully get 2k done today. Let’s start the engine, ignition.


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