Saturday, September 30, 2006

The way into
work went well. I met up with Wayne at Stadium. He’s one of the newer people on the front 20 I say hi to every now and then. I went to get the donuts and brought them in and listened to my tunes. I only had one donut there and my coffee. We had 6 tap shooters and maybe 4 others in the front 20 but we did SM again. I called Shaw tech support to explain what’s going on and they had “no clue.“ Yeah right. They claimed they reset the set box for the digital cable and I arranged to have a tech guy come over Wed from 1-4pm. Okay, we’ll see. I did a lot better pulling in $650 and a $10 credit card. It was really nice coming home and my train pulled up right away.

I got in without incident and tried the TV. It’s still persisting. Snow and digital breakdown. At least the internet is working. Mike explained to me the same thing happened to him because he and his wife signed up for the same service and apparently this began when Shaw cable introduced their telephone service system. The phone service is competing with the same service as the rest of Shaw. So every time we get the snow someone nearby is using the phone. This doesn’t happen with Telus/DSL because it’s built differently. They’ve got phone/Internet/TV now as well and this came out only within a year of each other. The only drawbacks to Telus is we ow them some money and might be on their "black list". We both owe. We’ll probably have to have a deposit on the service. Also Telus DSL is slower then Shaw. We can keep Shaw going just fine without the digital service and if the tech can’t fix this Wed then I’m going to ask him to pull the plug on Digital service. In the meantime, I’ll be calling Telus and find out what they need from me so we can get on Telus and away from Shaw. Indeed if this is the problem. I don’t have confirmation just yet but If Shaw’s “new Phone” service is the culprit then we’ll be saying sianara to Shaw and Hello Telus.

The problem with Shaw was they were so intent on rushing the phone service through to compete with Telus and theie convergence model they didn’t realize the full scope of the problem they will face. I’m sure they did. “We’ll lose customers until we fix this thing but we can absorb it.” So if the tech guy Wed says, “yes it’s the the Shaw phone service,” then I’ll be asking to disconnect us from the digital TV service and over the next few months we’ll be moving over to Telus. I’m going to miss Gold Trails’ and all but this is crazy. It’s not going to affect our regular cable or internet and we’ll still be able to watch TV in the front room.

I got home and I had a little nap from 3-5pm. I got up about 5:15pm or so and the problems with the TV reception still continues. But if this is the case and Shaw has no idea when the problem will be fixed, I’m going to buckle up and work as many hours as I can to earn enough to clear any Teleus obstacles. If they require me to have a deposit no problem. We might even have out own phone back hooked up as well. Get everything, phone/cable/internet all on the same bill for a bit more then what we’re paying now. We can just have Internet and cable without the phone. Telus was originally in the 1990’s was just a phone company and before that it was called AGT. Alberta Government Telephones. The only problem with Telus will be the initial outlay of cash. Cable and Internet, probably what were paying now and the bill plus the deposit. It’s not going to be like $1,000 or anything like that. Maybe half that.

Anyway, that's all for now


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