Friday, September 15, 2006

This is sort
of a good news bad news kind of a post. I got off the train and it was raining on my way to work. I got the cheque. Good news: I got my raise and my stat pay. Bad news I’m missing $30 worth of bonuses because Rob said we don’t give bonuses for those that miss days. The thing is I got enough for my lodge dues. But barely enough and nothing left for myself.

Suffice to say, I’m not going to the lodge on Sat with just $6 bucks to spend. We usually go out to dinner in between rounds durring emergent meetings. I could call Frank and ask him if he’s going to be at the lodge meeting Sat. If yes, then I’ll ask Neil if he’s going. If yes all the way around then I could ask Neil if he can take the lodge dues in for me and pay on my behalf. The other thing is, I can work next week and go into the October meeting and pay for my lodge dues there in October at the first regular business meeting when I know Frank will be there. If Anne agrees to that then she get’s $140 and I get $56. Then that way I can go in Oct 5th. I’ll miss the Oilers home game and the Mark Messier retirement sweater thing but at least the ’06 lodge dues would be paid off. Also, if I go in tomorrow afternoon, doubtfull then I’ll have 25.5hrs in for next week. But I don’t know what to do with my lodge dues this pay cheque. I don’t even know if Neil is going into the meeting on Saturday or even if Frank will show up. The intangible factor was the bonuses. If I didn’t take Thur night off then everything would be fine but I did have the cold.

Okay we came to an understanding Anne and I that I keep $56 and she keep the rest but she’s going to hold the difference for me. Good, I want to get Bickham, Gridlink (Neal Asher) and David Drake "Seas of Venus." That should come to about $23 bucks. Hopefully for tomorrow. That way, I can order, Chris Roberson’s “Panagea”, Charles Stross "A glass house". DiChario "A small and remarkable life." So, i'm going to order those for October. For October I'm reading, Joe Haldeman "Old Twentieth", "Spin" Robert Charles Wilson, and David Drake "Seas of Venus."

Also, I ended up doing 2076 words on NW yesterday. I'm at 48,071 on the story. Well on my way to 50K. Over the half way mark. I'm going to try and close out a day early and get to 50k by today and maybe even 3k for Saturday. 53k and maybe even 3k more for Sunday. 56k by Sunday night? Maybe 68k by Sat? Possible. I might even have the rough draft completed by the end of this month if I can do 2k/day. First rewrite in October, 2nd rewrite in November. I might have a finished product, maybe January/February '07.


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