Thursday, September 07, 2006

Okay lets see.
I went to sleep at 3am and p by 4:30am. It was 5am after I went and done the cbi thing and I was in bed by 5am but having episodes of coughing and runny nose. I didn’t want to wake Anne up so I slept on the couch and woke up an hour later. I tried to sleep in bed but still coughing and I ended up back on the couch and slept until about 11:40am. The idea was to let Anne know when I’d be leaving to come in and pick up my cheque. So I did that and she says “Are you sure you want to go in today?” She was making reference to next Saturday’s emergent meeting to pay my lodge dues. I said yes, “I want to go down to the lodge tonight.” Then she jumps in and says. “well okay but I want to come down with you.” So we walk down in the hot sun to Clairview train station. I was sweating buckets. So Anne is nagging on me all the way down to Carona and she doesn’t have any cash. I had about $2bucks on me to give to her. I said earlier she can wait for me at Tim’s. I walked over that hot parking lot just a sweating away. Inside the building. Upstairs. It was just 12:55pm and most of the staff had left. Brian said I better talk to Rob. I went in his office and said I wouldn’t be here tonight and that I worked the whole shift last night. He was quite surprised by that in my condition at the time. And I’m thinking about going in when Anne leaves anyway. Let her think I’m home. I can do that. Then when she comes in tonight and if I’m in earlier, then great. I can still get my 1000 words done tonight. Or I can just go into the afternoon shift tomorrow. And that’s what I’m going to do instead.

Anyway, I didn’t get my cheque this afternoon and I walked back to Tim’s/Carona and Anne was coming out of Tim’s to meet me. I explained Rob wasn’t going to give out the cheques until later this afternoon. She got all pissed off and I explained how nobody got their pay cheques at all so far and they won’t be dishing them out until this afternoon. And I’m not going back there today. I’m going in for the afternoon shift though tomorrow, against my wife’s constipation. So because I was in Robs office I had everybody in there. Will, Tony, Brian even Andrew. He wasn’t very happy with me. So my plan backfired. I kept reminding Anne that she was the one that earlier said to me “Are you sure you want to go in there today?”

Yeesh. What I don’t go through with.

So Anne went out to get us burgers. Probably Dairy Queen. She’s going to work, I’m going to place a quick call to Neil asking him if he would pay my respects to the lodge that I won’t be in tonight but I’ll be a the emergent meeting next week to pay my lodge dues at the time. Type thing. And by working, Mon 4hrs, Tues 7hrs, Wed 7hrs, Thurs 7hrs, Fri 6.5hrs, that will give me 31,5hrs for the week. This week, 22.5hrs. After I pay Anne my share of the basics around here, I should be left with about $80 bucks just for me. And the next week, I’ll have $120 just for me. That’s if I work all those hours next week.

Don’t know if I can do all the hours but I’m sure going to give it a good try. I want a cell phone. Nothing fancy, Every cell phone has alarm, calculator and calendar. I think I like text messaging but Anne’s cell phone is an older phone and doesn’t have that capability.


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