Saturday, September 16, 2006

Last night I
went into work alright but stiff and a little soar. I called Audrey’s to see if they had any books for me I could pick up but they had nothing on my suggestion list except Neal Asher’s “Gridlinked“. I actually had a better night pullling in $719 but no credit cards. I left out into a rainy September evening at 8:30pm and I bought “Gridlinked” and Charles Stross: “Acceleorando” I walked to Carona and a ride home reading Mindscan. Just about done. I’ll have it read by the end of the weekend.

The next 3 books for October will, be Joe Haldeman “Old Twewntieth” Robert Charles Wilson “Spin” and Charles Stross: “Accelerado.” I modified my sidebar slightly to include Stross and Wilson because Hogan and Asher, wellI’ve already read “Two moons,” well at least the novels not that I won’t be getting back to the eventually and Asher because “Gridlinked”, “Brass man”, “Polity Agent” share the same “Universe”. Not a Trillogy but I’m going to read all three, probably Nov./Dec.

Anyway I got home to an empty house and decided to get right into my writing. I ended up with working on NW and I completed 1178 words on the day/49,205 for the story. I don’t consider NW to be a novel or a book until it get’s published. Then it’s a book/novel. After a few more hours sleep, I hope to get right back into it and maybe put in 3000 words on the day to 53k.

Last night after ECW I asked Anne if I should take “today off.” They sort of (I hope) know at work that I had lodge to go to, this weekemd. So Anne went out to Walmart/McDonalds to get me a McGrittle but this McDonalds doesn’t have them. But I settled for a sausage Mcmuffin combo. It was tastey and now I’m going to go back to bed and hopefully get some more sleep. It’s a nice rainy day here in Edmonton.


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