Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It was warm
out there on my way in. I ended up with $344 on BOB and $50 credit cards getting the credit card bonus. So Rob’s shaking up management again. Mike and Greg running the evening shift now. We got out 10 min early and I caught the train strait home.

Earlier I worked on SO for a bit. I haven’t a solid premis for the story, just a vauge idea. The lead character’s name is Doc. I have 5 characters. The novel will be around 80K and 64 scenes. That’s about it. So now comes the brain storming part. Of course it’s speculative fiction, that much is obvious.

Beautiful out there, I went to take out the trash and a nice walk out back just in my t-shirt/pants. The temperature felt more like spring then going into October.


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