Saturday, September 02, 2006

I’m revamping
most of the scenes in the book. I kept most of the beginning and the end. It’s the middle that’s going to cause me some trouble.

Before I get on with that, man what a lousy night. I intended to go to bed right after ECW.

I turned in around 2am and soon 3am. I was up heading into the front room to take over Anne’s spot on the couch to watch HGWT and The Rifleman. I figured I’d stay up until 5am to do the cbi thing. I hit the pillow, bedtime at last but I couldn’t sleep again. 5am, 6am, 7am So I decided to go ahead and see about resting on the couch and I did get some sleep. I went back to bed figuring I could get back to sleep from here. No such luck. I went back to the couch and got a few hours and a stiff neck on top of that. I tried to go back to bed but the people upstairs making too much noise and Anne was (okay to use here) making noise etc. She’s doing laundry now and went out to the vegie mart.

Just prior to that the neighbors kid was a running around and track jumping all over the place driving me crazy. So I slammed the door hard and fast. Since then nothing.

That was a productive day despite I had a soar throat and a stiff neck. I revamped all my scenes for NW. I also completed 1228 words on the day and 30,008 words on the week. Not to shabby. I think the whole novel should be about 85k. The rough draft should be completed October 9th of the Thanksgiving day (Canada) day weekend.

I hope


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