Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I went to bed
around 1:40am after sharing half a beer with Anne. I listened to some Coast but couldn’t sleep. Coast was really good last night, on UFO’s Richard Dolan. Good show. I was reading an article from the Coast website about abiotic oil and it seems that one of the huge advocates of this theory is that Jerome Corsi has discovered a large oil field 7 miles under the bedrock in the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t know if they have gathered samples to verify this but apparently if this theory holds could be bad news for Alberta down the road. But with the price of crude oil dropping down to $67 barrel US, it gives me pause for concern.

Anyway, the show itself was interesting but at 2:45am, I needed to watch HGWT and The Rifleman. But The Rifleman was a repeat. I found a rerun of Mash and watched that until 4am and went back to bed.

I got up at 5am and did the cbi thing and went back to bed again. Sleep didn’t come easy but I might have got maybe 6hrs. So I can’t complain. But even before this just around the news last night Anne offered me a break because she wanted to watch a movie on Space Channel.

Okay, So, that’s when I got to work instead on NW. I ended up doing 1,172 words on the day. Very productive. I’m at 35,014 words on the story and it’s only Wednesday. 40K by the end of this week is within easy grasp. I really should be looking at building a scene synopsis for my next novel "SO". After a week off, I’ll be hard at work on the heals of NW and that’s just 7 weeks away. I’ve got a rough idea by Chapter but I don’t write by chapter anymore. I write by scenes now, so "SO" needs to be fleshed out by the Thanksgiving weekend ready to go. Then I can work on the rewrite of NW. I think I'd like to always have a rough draft work in progress and a rewrite work in progress so I'm always writing new stuff. Two things going on at the same time. Well in theory that is.

I went into Audrey’s and picked up my James p. Hogan book "The Two moons" before work yesterday late afternoon. But because this is book #1 and #2 of the Giants series I’m going to read Joe Haldeman first because it’s a stand alone novel. I didn’t know Brass Man was a series until I went to Fantastic fiction. Right now, I don’t want to get bogged down in reading a trilogy. I prefer stand alone novels. So, I’m going to keep my sidebar as is for now but I’m going to get two other stand alone novels and augment the sidebar for latter. Neal Asher has one stand alone book “Cowl” and I might find that instead. As for James P. Hogan, I’m looking at his “The legend that was Earth“ So, If I get some cash next week, then I’ll go to Chapters or Indigo over here and pick them up if they have them then augment my sidebar. I will still read Neal Asher’s Brass Man trilogy once I have the other 2 in the series. Don't get me wrong. I like trilogies I'm just not in the mood these days to read one.

That’s all for now.


Hey e.jim, Brass Man is not part of a trilogy, but a series that's a book away from coming to an end:
1. Gridlinked 2. The Line of Polity 3. Brass Man 4. Polity Agent (comes out in Britain next month) 5. Line War.
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