Friday, September 15, 2006

I went to
bed about 2:30am but slept from 3am-5am. I got up to watch Gold Trails’ from 5-6. Good stiff. Then back to bed from 6-12. I think I had 8 hours sleep. That meant 8hrs of giving my voice a break. My voice is a bit better and I hope it will improve over the weekend.

Not much going on today. It’s rainy out there. I had my first coffee and my voice feels a bit better but I don’t know how it can hold up for 3 hours tonight much less for 4 hours for Sat. It’s going to be another tough going for tonight.

Tonight, I’ve got to call Neil and let him know I won’t be able to make it to the lodge aftter all for Sat. I wanted to but we’ve got another plan to pay the lodge dues for the next Oct regular business meeting. That way , that week, I can put a few afternoons in to make up for missing Thursday Oct 5th.

Seems we’ve got some snow in the mountains and even in Edson. It’s coming our way. We could get some snow mixed in with rain here over night. But we’re getting teeming rain now. Not this light rain stuff. This is thre real thing.

Ford is laying off 75,000 workers in it’s North American operation. They say it’s due to fuel costs and the competitive Asian auto manufacturing market. Ten thousand jobs are to be lost here in Canada and that’s going to take a huge hit out of the Ontario economy. I think it’s because consumers are moving away from gas guzzling SUV’s and the emergent hybrid vehicals that are slowly making their way into consumer driving habits. I think Ford is reacting to that.

This cold is really taxing my energy for more work on NW but I’m going to get into it when I come home after work. Since I don’t watch Smackdown anymore. I like ECW after the news. I can utilize that hour and put more energy into NW.

That’s all for now.


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