Saturday, September 02, 2006

I went into
work with Anne feeling a little worn and a bitof a scratchy throat. I was almost half expecting to meet Rob in the office but he wasn’t there. I met Will trying to get my chair and I mentioned because we’re not in this morning Saturday (Yeaaaa) we’re not going to have our talk. So the small tap shooter crew we had moved over to the front 20 to do CCSD. Just around the break I mentioned this to Will and asked me to pause my dialer and join him for a talk in some of the other offices. So we had a chat. I told him Mark offered me a raise a year ago but I didn’t know what my bank was like. As I know now and I turned him down. Now that I know better and what other companies are paying and what’s out there, I’d settle for a dollar more then what I’m getting. He agreed to that but said I’m worth at least $2 more then what I‘m currently getting but I said I don’t want to push it. I also mentioned about the first Thursday of each month and I’ll work some afternoons. He wrote up a salary increase request for Rob and he said I might ot see it this week but the week after. Anyway, soar throat and all I ended up pulling in $220 for the night.

I left feeling good about having a nice weekend even though it is only two days I went home feeling good. Anne was waiting me at home and she was told how they canceled her shifts as well at CC and they tried to call her here at home but we didn’t answer the phone because we knew it was them calling to cancel her shift. So the Supervisor on her shift said they would pay her for three hours for making the effort to at least come down. That was nice.

I opted out of Smackdown this evening for doing my writing. And to have a talk with Anne. She bought us some beer as well for the weekend, Very nice. Audrey’s books called me and no doubt reminding me of the James p Hogan book and I’m going to pick that up around noon. I wish Anne would have given me the money earlier so I could save me a trip going back downtown.

Anyway, more latter.


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