Thursday, September 07, 2006

I went into
work with Anne and feeling as ill as I was I went in and met Bart (The Big Boss) coming into the elevator. I said a few words and went to find someone about taking the night off. My voice was tight and I felt bad. “Ok.” So I went to give Rob the news but he was on the phone. So I left the building out side was Will having a smoke. “Ok.” So I was in the parking lot heading for the lrt and I heard this “James. James.” It was Rob in his SUV heading home and I went over and he pleaded for me to try and tough it out for at least the first half. “Sure, no worries.” I went backing the office and we did “Halloween O’ Rama” again and I did $500 by break. I said to will I’d stick around and work the shift as bad as my voice was. I didn’t want to let Rob down.

At break I was the 2nd highest total and Pat declined to take the off of going down to the front 20 to help the out. He asked me. “No thanks.” Five tap shooters late, Andrew agreed. The 2nd half was a bit slower as the taps ran out about 7:30pm. I had Greg sitting beside me and that made it easier and I came in at #2 total and a $30 credit card. Nice. I had a great evening all around and I’m glad I stayed for the whole shift. Everything is set up for me to go in and pay my lodge dues. For tomorrow and I’ll have enough for a beer on the side. Good stuff.

I’m getting up at 11am and I’m going to watch my shows and then head into work, pick up my cheque and come home. Anne might have a treat waiting for me and I can work on my writing and get maybe 2000 words done on today.

That’s all for now.


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