Friday, September 29, 2006

I tried to
sleep but I had all this energy and I got up but only to watch one part of Gold trails. I was in bed by 5:30pm. I woke up with a headache this morning about 10:30am and I still have the remrants of it. I past out on the couch until Anne woke me up on her way out and then at 11am the alarm went. Oh brother. I’m syill going in for tonight and tomorrow because I’ve a bank bonus up for grabs.

We’re a bit behind the perverbial 8 ball here for October as we’re going to be slightly behind in our rent and we won’t be able to get a bus pass for this month plus my lodge dues are due amd I’ll be needing insulin. I’m still going to lodge next week but I won’t have the lodge dues until the 19th and I’m not taking any Saturdays off until then. I’ll be at work for the next three Saturdays. Then I’ll have the 19th off so I can go to Super Sat. Speaking of which I’ll be attending every lodge night next year. I’m glad I made that coffee. Its helping me feel a lot better.

I know I said one book a week. I’m 30 books behind so I’m considering going to Wee Book Inn to get the rest because WBI books are half price. Rather then costing me $300 it’d cost me $150. More or less. Also, I’m trying to read one book a week and that’s hard to do, well for me at least. I’m lucky if I can read one book a month and even then that’s pushing it.

At least the weather is holding up. Temps are hovering around 19* Other odds and ends here,the Oilers lost to Pheonix last night. There were I heard 9000 fans there because of the baseball coverage there were no game highlights. Al available cameras were covering baseball. Shows what a low sports priority hockey is in the US. No doubt NHL hockey will pick up again once baseball season is over.

An interesting story about email in business today causing the loss of thousands of hors in loss productivity due to inter office emails. One of the big culprits is the Blackberry hand held device. Some companies here have adapted a 6-6 no email policy. Somewhat realated what with all of the Ipods and cell phones and tect messaging etc. Mike (new manager) made an announcement about no emailing no Ipods or cell phones in the office because people can’t concentrate on their calls. It becomes a real problem in industries like ours. I’ve got nothing against this technology but there’s a time and place for everything. I don’t own a cell phone but I do have an MP3 player and I don’t think I’d like a Blackberry what for all the email I get. Its not worth it. I mean it’s a 4 hour shift.


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