Thursday, September 28, 2006

I might have
had an hour nap before Anne came in to wake me. Coast was excellent last night with David Sereda. Talking about Singularity. Good stuff, Now that’s what I’m talking about. I could have listened to that show all night and it’s worthwhile even getting the pod cast of the show as well. Solid information on a great topic. Anyway, I think I past out about 2:30am and woke up about 4:30am. So I got 2 hours sleep. I watched Okanogan PP and two great shows on Gold Trails’, on Revelstoke and Victoria. I’ve been through both those communities on more then a few times.

So, I went back to bed at 6am and I couldn’t sleep. 6am rolled into 7am and that rolled into 8am and finaly all the lights came on and Anne came incomplaining about how she’s got hours missing from her cheque etc. They’re a bunch of cheap bastards. Well, all these types of jobs are. They’re all crooked to some degree.

Anyway, Anne left again so I was cursing complaining how I can never sleep from 11-noon. So I figure, well Anne had the computer on I got up figuring I had at least 3 hrs sleep. I looked at the clock on the tv and it was 1:22pm. I missed the news . So, I slept from 8am-1pm. That’s a good 5 hours and maybe an hour and a half, so about 6.5 hrs altogether and I still feel drained.
I don’t know how much writing I’m going to get done for today but I’ll return to it when I get home. I usually end up coming home around 9:30pm. I need a timer of some kind that can fire this computer up say at 9:15pm during the weekdays. I know there is a maintenance timer where I can have the computer perform certain maintenance tests. I should see if there’s a power on software application of some kind so this way the computer is on for me when I come home.

e. Jim

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