Friday, September 29, 2006

I met
Anne at the station and we rode in feeling alright under warm conditions. I mentioned about the Blog to Rob and the Website but he’s only interested in it for advertising purposes. Alright. I setteled into a nice evening of taps doing St Mikes. No problem. I had a slow night but I ended up with $365. Not great but I began the week low and peaked Tuesday night and went downhill from there. Mike gave me $20 for doughnut money for the staff for tomorrow to pick them up on my way in.

Ordinarily I’d go over to Audreys after work for a book but I had anly about $3 in cash on me. Before I get any more books I’m going to wait until the lodge dues are paid off and I renew my Norton subscription. When all that is taken care of, then I’ll be buying books again.

Tonight, it’s watch the news and have a bit of supper and then watch ECW and go to bed as I’m up early in the morning for work.

That’s all for now.


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