Friday, September 01, 2006

I managed to
get some sleep after all from about 7:30am-12:15pm. I think I got 7hrs total. Well at least the rent is paid and hopefully Anne will get the bus pass.

I’m not sure what’s going on for my Labour Day weekend. Are we working Saturday and taking Sunday/Monday off? Or having Saturday/Sunday off and working Monday? I heard the later.

Anyway having my first coffee and about to do a bsl reading. 8.9 Not bad but it should ideally be around 5.5.It’ll drop between now and lunch.

I think Anne is doubly worried not just about our small increase but also the fact that her place of employment is cutting back hours. My place wants me too work more but we get these crappy campaigns. Last night I got a caller that hadn’t given since 1999 and it was $100 back then. So I got lucky and he gave $100. This was near the end of the night. I’m not breaking any stellar totals or anything like that, last night between BOB and St.Mikes, $658. Nobody broke a G.

Next week is lodge night and hopefully Anne will let me hold onto that $100. Watch because of the rental increase she’ll find a way to worm it out of me. If I can hold onto it between now and next Thur my lodge dues are paid up. Keeping fingers crossed.

Also manufacturers of big screen TV's will be loweing their prices sometime next year as much as 30%. Reason for this is the technolgy gap narrowing and over production. I'd like to see what the prices are going to be say in Feb after the Boxing day blitz. Most of these big screen TV's such as the HD LCD screens are hovering around the $2,200 mark for a 42" screen. Future shop has a Labour Day sale going on reducing the price by $300 to $1999. Still to pricey. Before I buy I'd like to see the price drop for around $1,000 for a 50" screen. Maybe by this time next year. Sorry for any typos taday.


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