Saturday, September 23, 2006

I haven’t been
to bed yet but soon. Anne and I went into work feeling good. She got off at Central to go to Tim’s on her way into work for a coffee and doughnut. I got off at Carona and went into Audrey’s and finally picked up my “Scene and Structure” book. and another book by Allen Steele. “Coyote“. Looks interesting. I was happy with my purchase and headed to work sweating after coming up the escalator under repair and the stairs up to the street level and across the field.

Getting ready for bed now. I hope I can get a few hours sleep and watch “Gold Trail’s” at 5 and do the cbi thing and get a few more hours sleep in before work.

When I came in at 9:00pm I fired up the computer and worked a bit on NW. I ended up with 642 words. Not the 1000 I had hope for but I’ll make that up tomorrow. I’m going to go into work, happy and bring my tunes in and have my doughnut and coffee and put in a good shift. Then come home and hopefully have a nap and then go to work. on NW. I want to get at least 3k by midnight today. This way, I’ll be at 65k by Sunday And maybe even get 5k done for Sunday. Maybe I can have the rough draft completed by the end of the month.

I had a pretty good shift as well. We were doing CHF and I had a $125 sale and I managed to get $75 credit cards and a $5 bonus. I took the HS train home. I should have waited because that was a long train ride home. I ended up with a soar back on top of that as well.

sorry for any typos. I'll clean this up latter.


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