Thursday, September 14, 2006

I didn’t get much
sleep last night, so I ended up working on NW. I closed off with a word count of 1,363 words so far on the day. 47,267 words on the story. I tried to go back to bed. I had an hour snooze and it was something like 3:55am when I woke up again. So, I got up to watch Okanogan Pioneers and places. An hour of that and then an hour of Gold trails and Ghost towns, talking about Headly and Midway. Facinating places. Durring the last half hour show of Gold trails, I did the cbi thing and went to bed about 6am. I was tired and past out fairly quickly.

I woke up shortly after noon and found Anne had left. It being a payday for us she probably went out and about to do her banking and shopping. I get my pay cheque this afternoon and I want to see if Rob put my raise through and to see if the bank report is in for bonuses. I probably won’t go in for the afternoon shift today but I’ll have no choice if I want to go in for tomorrow afternoon to make up for missing Sat.

The temperature certainly has dropped over the last few days. We’re down to about +9* C at the moment and my cold has come back again causing me some grief especially in my throat area. At least the coffee helps a bit. I just hope I can work okay with this thing tonight.

Okay, more details of that Montreal School shooting. The shooter’s name was Kimveer Gill and in front of the school where smokers stood he start shooting. It seems he ended up killing one student and injuring 20 others. This was about 12:40pm. Apparently Police on the street nearby were walking to another crime scene when they spotted this man with a gun and they traded shots with each other before Gill got to the steps of the school and shot at others. It’s a tragedy yes but not a Columbine style tragedy in terms of the amount of casualties killed. It could have been a lot worse then it did if the guy really did have others with him like the initial reports suggested. The guy was mentally unstable as it was anyway.

Coast had psychic Angela Moore on last night. Boring. Tonight’s show is a little better on Soviet UFO phenomenah with Philip Mantle. So this should be a good show. I got this from the Coast website. Another character claiming to be Jesus. Yeesh. Must be that time of year.


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