Monday, September 04, 2006

I couldn’t sleep
so I decided to read. Reading makes me drowsy. So it was 3:50am and I decided, I’d only have to get up in an hour to do the cbi thing anyway. In my reading lately, I’m finding a lot of big name authors still use “Was.” but mostly in speach not in narative.

I came across this website last night on writing tips out of Vancouver and it talked a lot about the passive voice. It confirmed what I suspected all along about using “was” in speech only. But I think it's okay for non published writing like my Blog and my diary as well as email, that sort of thing but I can’t get to the site this morning but my internet is still up and running. The site also explained what narrative summary is and that if you have more then five of these would, could, had and a lot of others on a page your in trouble. Could be one of the things a Tor editor intern looks for right off. In reading the site further it also suggested until I can do it myself, to pay for editorial services. Waves to J if he's reading :-)

Good news today, my soar neck is gone. Bad news is I still have this cold. Anne encouraged me to stay home today but I have lodge this week and I want to atend that as well as the emergent meeting on the 16th which is next Saturday.

But as far as work goes today, I’m going to go in and try and make the effort. If I’m struggling then I’ll book off around 7pm and come home.

I stayed up reading late until 4am and went online for an hour. That’s when I found that site and I thought I “Saved As”. Guess not. If I like something I usually “Save As” right away. I’m sure it will be up latter today. The site also talked about avoiding gerunds words that end in “ing” and use verbs instead.

Wow, 67 page loads yesterday including 8 returning visitors. That's got to be a stat record.

About 5am I ended up doing the cbi thing and going to bed. I woke up just a little after 10am to where I am now. Getting my first coffee that sort of thing. So, now that I’m up a bit early, feeling fairly good, its time to Blog this and back into my writing. RAW on tonight.


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