Saturday, September 09, 2006

Going into work
was better then coming back. But when I got in, Will wasn’t there and it was a bit of a “slamoshal” getting organized. For the most part we only had 3 tap shooters there. Andrew, Don, and me. We had the monitor technician installing the overhead monitors. First to $600 =$!0 bonus. I got that after the 2nd half and the last hour we moved over to the other side and I got my original dialer back. To do semies and I was semi taping the semies and pulling off $30, $25, etc. My last hour totals was more then most other’s whole shift totals. I had top total at $704 on the day.

I was really glad to get out of there and on the train home but heading back these clods, a couple maybe my age kept on hitting me accidentally while I was trying to pass out. Pain in the ass. So I was a bit annoyed by that but I was glad to get the bus home and pass out. I napped for about maybe 2,5hrs and I feel okay.

Enough to go again, which means it's time to get on to meeting my weekley word count goal. That's all for now.


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