Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dropping off a
fast note here. I ended up going to bed listening to a bit of Coast last night. "Are we alone" (in the Universe ) hot line. Very good and if it wasn't for this damn Sat shift, I'd be up a bit longer.

So I past out and woke up about 4:30am this morning to get an early start on "Gold Trails.." I put my feet up and ready go. I past out again woke up and I slept through the first show. Rats. Not what I wanted. Eventually before the year is up I'm going to leave this Saturday shift and just work Mon-Fri. Except when there's a Lodge meeting. So, I'll be doing one Saturday/month.

Anyway, I went over to Keith's Sciencefictional and my story "Crosshairs" is still up. It's at the bottom of the page and has since I posted the story, 60 views. That doesn't mean 60 people actually read it. I think it would be useful to have the "read more link" take the reader to a page that has the rest of the story and each page its own stat sheet. For all I know, at this end 60 people read a bit past the read more and thought "crap" and went to do something else. But the story is still up there just the same.


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