Friday, September 01, 2006

Anne made me
a nice lunch and I watched the rest of the news. Okay, at work that punk kid Lance brags to me about my hourly rate. “Do you want to compare pay cheques at the end of the shift. I’ll embarrass you.” kind of talk. I shot back saying, “It’s not me that will get embarrassed but the Company.” So will was on the other side of the isle and I made my point to him and he said something like “We’ll talk about this on Sat if your going to be here etc.” and I think I could expect my hourly wage to increase. Since I haven’t had a wage increase since Glen was the manager. What was that 2002?

I went to Sciencefictional again and Crosshairs now has 15 views! I like that. Once I complete my weekly word count goal I’m going to go over the story again this weekend and take out all of the was/wasn’t in there and rewrite the whole story.

Seems like Scientology has something new called Super Power. Thanks to Coast to Coast for the link. Is this a scam or the real thing? I don’t know. My first encounter with Scientology came about with Richard Lord who in 1980 offered to be my unofficial “Occult” handler. Richard had been flirting with Scientology as well in the spring of 1980 and when I was recovering from breaking up with Ellen he suggested Scientology for me as an Occult primer. He might have thought I may be mentally unstable for working in the “Occult” because when he met me I was unofficially hanging out with Ellen. I became obsessed with her at the time. Richard during the 80’s, invested a lot of time into Aleister Crowley and since Ellen followed him, I followed her. But when Ellen got married in 1981 to Charles I continued flirting with Order Templi Orientis. Or commonly referred to as the OTO. So Richard even before I received my Minerval initiation in September 1981. But in August 1980, I took a Scientology free “stress” test. Then I went on to take one of their introductory courses. I believe the cost of the course to be $50 but I lost interest in the course after I found out how much the next courses were. I came in contact with Scientology again in 1985 when I contacted Reg Taylor. Reg at the time ended up being a big time Scientology fan and into Amway. That’s how I got into Amway through Scientology. Reg bought the tapes and the books and really got into the whole Scientology thing. Today he is one of Scientology’s local critics. When I came upon the Scientology link it brought back memories. Does Scientology have any value? I think so but be prepared like Amway to spend a lot of money to find out.


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