Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yesterday, what
a washout. We get into our jobs alright and there was JT. Rob gave me a bit of a bad time about missing the weekend but because of them doing a last minute about face for Saturday and I said I planed this with management 2 weeks ago, he quickly did an about face and that was the last of that. “Anyway, we did the mix the tap shooters in with the front 20 game again.” and I had “0” by 8pm. So he shut our dialers off. We were doing the Canada legends hockey. Some people were doing really well, others like me barely stayed on the board at $50 like JT. The CLH thing was all cold calling to boost up the tap base. Anyway, I hung around a bit and then headed to the train station. One of the other little Chinese or Vietnamese kids were there. Just a young kid that befriended me. He worked with us before at the older office. We had a chat on the way to the end of the line and I must have got in shortly before 9pm and there was Dick Powel on the screen in “Murder my sweet.” Great movie. Phillip Marlow is one of my favorite characters, played by 4 other actors including Humphrey Bogart. They don’t make films like that anymore. Instead we get crap movies like “Snakes on a Plane” and “Zoom” Yeesh.
Anyway, I enjoyed watching that until just before Anne came in about 10:30pm and she put together some kind of frozen pasta thing for me that took a long time too cook. I watched the news and she suggested a break tonight. Good stuff. I stayed up to work on scene sheet #7 and did a bit of research.

I was up until 3:30am andwent to bed. I got up at 7am, so I had a good 3hrs sleep and then back to bed and up at 11am and fell back to sleep and up at 1:30pm! I had enough sleep.

Just a short entry today more later.


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