Monday, August 14, 2006

We’re expected
to get up to +28* this afternoon. Nice.

We got into bed about 2:00am and Anne gave me a back rub with some A5 rub and my back was burning for quite awhile. But before that I took a travel pill and I was out like a light. I listened to a bit of Coast and I woke up around 6am to feed the cats and mostly to do the cbi thing. I was back in bed about 6:30 and asleep by 7am, I think I got 7hrs of sleep and woke up with a slight headache. My neck was stiff and soar when I got up out of bed about 12:20pm. I slept a bit more and watched some news and the markets.

Also, last night I worked on scene 2 and got about 300 words done. I hope to do a bit more this afternoon.

I’m on to my first coffee here.

Anne is sleeping and it’s a beautiful day out there. I looked at the calendar for August and it matches and lines up perfectly with the calendar date of 1978. Why is this date so significant? Because it was this week, 28 years ago a young 26 year old named e,Jim Shannon ventured out of his comfort zone in New Westminster take a via rail train to Edmonton. I thought I was only going to stay for my brothers wedding. This year will be Mike & Doris’s 28th wedding anniversary.
I couldn’t tell when I left or what day it was. I believe it was in the afternoon and I think I arrived on a Thursday because I just didn’t want to eat and run. I think I left on the 15th. And Jeff met me at the CN building downtown where the trains came in. They come in now at the CN yard in Calder just West of us. But that train ride was an overnight ride. I was in Edmonton once before, 1976 for some reason because I recall seeing the Pink Panther movie with Mike etc across the street from the Bellaire apartments now called Baycrest apartments. Mom was working at the Charles Campsell hospital there. I made the decision to stay here after my birthday. I recall how that week I got UIC to transfer my cheque here but for some reason they had to drop it off at the TD bank in St. Albert of all places in the Grandin Mall. I recall that was a Thursday afternoon but the week after. But it was still in August.

Anyway, Anne’s off today and I’m going in. I think she would rather have me at home this afternoon because she went out and bought us a frozen pizza but it’s a better quality kind. So, I asked her if she wanted me off today and she smiled and hugged me. Just as well because wrestling is on at 8pm and I get to watch that on the score and I can spend some time with my novel as well but I’ll go in for tomorrow afternoon.

Also, I went and changed my typing font for my novel. I usually work in comic sans but instead I changed it to Courier New because editors like the typewriter feel to the page they’re reading. I hope. It also makes me feel like I’m writing something more professional. Comic Sans works okay for diary projects but it’s time I turned my writing p a notch or two.

That’s it for now.


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