Sunday, August 20, 2006

We were in
bed by3am listening to a bit of Coast. Kind of a lame show, which is uncharacteristic for Art. But the glass of wine I had earlier was really nice and I slept like a log from just after 3am until 6am. I got up to do the cbi thing and I took a bsl reading, 1t 12.9! Yikes. I went back to bed but by 8am Pledges was roaming all over the place. I think I got 2hrs there before Sparky jumped on my exposed feet waling Anne up and pissing her off. Well, excuse,,,me! I was pissed off to, so I decided to go sleep on the couch shortly before 11am. I had the weather channel on for awhile, turned it off and stretched out on the couch and passed out. I woke up an hour later. I got 6.5 hrs of sleep. I think.

I’m good. For some reason, Compaq keeps flashing this add across my screen. I my cursor over it and it disappears. This is the 2nd time now. It’s not a big deal but I hope it’s not a reoccurring thing.

Since NW began last week, and I worked on it last Saturday, a whopping 4k+, I might take a break today.
I want to go up to Walmart and see what they have for SF books. I think I could be wasting my time though. They probably have a worse selection then Audrey’s. The best for SF is Chapters, And as soon as I get my next $100 bucks together I’m going to go by half a doz books. I’d like to leave on a Saturday afternoon after work but instead of going to the Chapters in West Edmonton Mall go down to Carona station and instead of heading back to Clairview, head out to the University and board anything heading down Whyte Ave. It’s easier going to the South side from downtown then it is going to the West End.

This summer sure has come and nearly gone in a hurry. When my birthday arrives, summers almost over. From April-September is summer.

Hard to believe I’ll be 55 tomorrow. I’m approaching out of my middle age to my senior age. Kind of like reminds me leaving my twenty’s and my youth at 29, The 30’s I think were the best because, your not old and your not young anymore. Just in between. When your 40 you’re in middle age, which goes from 40-55. After 55 your approaching your senior age. I’m not making that much of a deal of this as I did when I was in my twenty’s, heading into my thirty’s leaving my youth. Now that I’m heading out of middle age, I don’t feel so bad as I did leaving my youth for my 30’s.

I picked my writing up again in 2002 and I said I’d have a novel published when I turn 55. At 55 nothing, Now my new goal is before I turn 60. Lot’s of novelists begin writing late in life. Thank God for the small press.

My goal is still 10k/week and since it’s my birthday tomorrow, I should take tomorrow off, writing wise but I can still squeeze 1k before I leave for work. I’ve got about 500 words in the bank so I can apply those and anything I do today for today and tomorrow. Tomorrow, I should have off, but I should work today so I feel a sense that I’ve earned taking tomorrow/writing off. We’ll see.

More later.....


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