Sunday, August 13, 2006

We were in
bed by 2:30am and I gave Anne her br listening to Neal Adams and Art Bell. Art received a “fast blast”, as they must have been talking about the foiled terrorist attempt in London last week. The fast blast was from a woman that said since no gels are allowed onto airplanes anymore what about her? She wore breast implants and they are of a gel material. Lots of women wear breast implants. A very interesting question. I passed out by 3am and up at 6am to do the cbi thing. I had to refill my Novilin pen with an other tube of insulin and that’s not an easy thing to do when your half awake like I am now. Anyway, I slept until noon getting up there, not from anything in particular but I did have enough sleep. I must have got at least 9hrs.
I’m onto my first coffee here just waking up slowly.

Anne’s going to be up soon and we’ll have our 2pm “brunch” and I’ll watch Daniel Boone and I want to go out for a bit of a walk out here and see what stores are in the little strip mall just down from us. Apparently it’s all occupied with tenants. Then I want to come back and work out a few more scenes for NW.

Next week is going to be a full week for me if I can get it together. I want to have Mon 4hrs, Tues, Wed, Thur, 7hrs, Fri 6.5, Sat 4hrs.= 35.5. Hrs. That will get what Anne wants and get me my lodge dues. I also want a cell phone as well and start saving for that rainy day. So, this means other then Monday, I’ll be posting short Blog entries all week. Then I’m having Sun and Mon off. I might just work the full week and then Mon-Sat and then have a Sun/Mon off and work more or less full time. So my Bloging might just be a few paragraphs and my usual longer posts on the weekends.


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