Thursday, August 17, 2006

We went to
work alright and only a few of us tap shooters got to do “Battle of the Badges.” More hockey. Yuck. I actually did very well, as I ended up with $932 and $52 in credit cards. Too bad none of the money I raise is mine to keep. I got the 9:30pm train and met Anne and a co worker she was traveling with. I’ve seen her once before. With Anne. She got off at Coliseum station and we went home. I watched a bit of TV on “Okanogan People and places” and the other show I like with Bill Barlee “Gold trails and Ghost towns.” Good shows.

Anyway today is payday and there is no wrestling Wednesday. It’s Fridays and I’m not into End Time’s, just to clear that up for the record.

Oh and on another note, I should mention it was yesterday Aug 16th 1977 Elvis died. I recall that vividly how I was over at a wargamer friends place in the British properties. He was a lot younger then me but had a great collection of games. I was 25 and he was something like maybe 18 but war gaming partners were rare and hard to find. I recall how hot it was at their place and we were at his parents pool as his mom was serving us some bbq. I was living in New Westminster and I don’t think I was even working at the time. I recall it was May 1977 came back from working in Calgary and I was applying for UIC and on welfare at the time. Middle of August I was staying at the Andersons I recall. It was a long time ago.


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