Friday, August 11, 2006

We had a
nice trip into work. It was lightly raining out there. I got off at Carona and went into Audrey’s books and shopped around. I picked up a Joe Haldeman's book. “Old Twentieth” And no it’s not, thankfully, part of a series. Nothing wrong with that but I like stand alone novels unless I can buy the books all at once.

I got a couple of fast sales and almost another $360 VIP pas but the potential customer didn’t know how many people would be coming with her. I ended up with $380 as Will put the taps in there for some of us.

I’m going to decline Friday night Smackdown tonight only because I want to do some writing and work on the scene sheets for NW. I can always catch it later on. They might have it again later on during the weekend.

Anyway, when we got out of there at 8:30pm it was dark and overcast. I caught the train and rode back alone just the way I like it. But the bank bonus was released earlier and I ended up getting a $21 bonus but a $15 bonus from last night. That’s a good $36 added onto my cheque for next week. Well, that’s all there is for tonight.


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