Saturday, August 05, 2006

Uggh. I decided
to stay up and watch HGWT and The Rifleman. I took that travel pill about 2am and it was well in my system by 4am. I woke up at 7am did the cbi thing and had trouble sleeping past 7. I think I finally slept from 7:30am maybe until 1pm! Anne closed the door and was still up to let me sleep for as long as I needed to. I’ve got 3 days off, what the heck.

I’m having my first coffee.

Looks like a nice day out there for Heritage days weekend. The gang is working over there at X no thanks to Smitty whining about not having to work Sat. “I’ll look into it.” I’m sure he’s relieved we’re there Sat. Some of us. A lot of people had plans for the weekend. But no Bud had to open his big mouth. I hope people said something this morning at the office.

Putting that aside, I’m working on NW today. Mostly timing. I want to get a good idea how long each scene will take in character time. If a scene only takes about an hour to complete and it’s 8am scene time, and suddenly it’s 3pm in the afternoon, what did the characters do from 8-2pm? That time should be accounted for somehow. Timing is different then pacing. Pacing is the frequency of action. Most things slow down and meander in the middle. Not in NW! Anyway, time to Blog this and do my Blog rounds.


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