Saturday, August 12, 2006

This morning
I got up at 6am feeling tired but no worse for wear. I worked on scene’s #15, #16 this morning and finished that off. I’m going to try and do #17 tonight and #18,#19,#20 for tomorrow. Back to the start of the day. I got all my stuff together feeling tired and drained. I got downtown to Carona and into work. There was Wanda, Me, Bud, Pat. I had $205 by break and I hit the bathroom then Will says for me to grab dialer 1-6 over on this side and we did Wheelchair sports. I ended up doing better, at $485 but the shit began to wear on me and not having much sleep the night before and being called and forgotten last at the “roll call/attendance.” So I was kind of Po’d there leaving. The Can West care-a-way fest parade got underway on the way out. Normally I stick around and listen to some of the music but I was to wiped out and all I wanted was just to catch my train and head for home. A relaxing uneventful ride home, just the way I like it.

Anne was waiting for me at home and I got the bus pass for her and I went and tried to have a nap but I was really over tired and all I did for an hour and a half was to just doze. I didn’t get any rest at all but tonight I’m going to take a travel pill and hopefully after Anne’s br I can listen to a bit of Art Bell and pass out.

The side bar is evolving as I'm trying to clean things up a bit here. I took out nessecary music because the code wasn't displaying the code I wanted. The book links aren't working for me either but I'll try and play around with this later durring the week.

Well that’s the idea anyway. Tonight on Coast comic book artist Neal Adams and tomorrow Charles Shults on virtual reality. Some good shows coming up on Coast this weekend. That’s all for now.


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