Friday, August 11, 2006

This entry is going to
be a long one. I had a break last night after we tried getting some medicine into Pledges. We got about half of it into him. But I was in bed by 2am and I fell asleep by 2:30am. I woke up at 4am with a bit of energy and went to work on the computer until about 5:45am. I completed scene sheet #11-#12 for NW. I’m going to try for a couple more tonight when I get home after work tonight. I went back to bed after I did the cbi thing and slept until 10am. I barely remember Anne getting up to go out and cash the cheque. So I slept and dozed off some more waking up just before noon. I’d say I got 7hrs and I’m refreshed for the rest of the day.

We got a rainy day going on out there and I got up to watch the first half of the news and I’m onto my first coffee trying to wake up here.

Tomorrow after work, I’m going to go out to Chapters. Not at WEM but at the Whyte Ave location. Makes more sense that way. From the University I get any bus going down Whyte and that’s like only 10 min away and after looking around for what I want, that’s another. I should be back before 5pm. If I went out to the Chapters at WEM I’d be back by 6:30pm at the latest. My goal is to still buy 1 book week, read one book/month.

I thought I had uncovered a major flaw in Robert J Sawyers “Mindscan” but then I realized, it’s the other guy. Helps to pay attention and save me some embarrassment at the same time. I’m really enjoying Mindscan. it’s a great read. Robert J Sawyer is a fabulous writer and delivers the goods. I’ll have more opinions about the book when I finish it sometime before the end of the month.

Okay, now that I’ve had time to digest the news more details of the foiled attempted airliner bombing in London from yesterday morning. This is really mind boggling stuff and if these terrorists were successful they would have killed off about 3000 people. Congratulations to London security people. So now passengers are not allowed to bring on board airplanes, personal care items, bottled water, juices etc. This includes toothpaste tubes, shampoo and similar products. Pretty amazing. The terrorists attempted to bring aboard bottled waters and sports drinks that contained liquids capable of making a bomb. They were going to use a disposable flash camera to set these bombs off at max altitude over the Atlantic ocean. The cabin pressure would have finished the job. Pretty scary stuff. This foiled attempt caused delays at Airports in the US, UK and here in Canada. So now the items mentioned above are banned items in airports every where.

On a lighter note the PC turned 25 today. 1981. Hard to believe how far they have progressed. I faintly recall watching TV commercials showing the “Charlie Chaplin” figure being the center piece for IBM commercials. I didn’t watch a lot of TV 1980-81 because, well I didn’t have one until 1982. But the personal computer these days couldn’t even hold enough power to maintain one MP3 song on an Ipod. Even my little 130xe Atari back in the day was miniscule in comparison.

Last night they moved us tap shooters over to where we normally sit but we were still doing hockey, I ended up doing $385 and we were playing this silly dice game. I came in 2nd with that because a $50 sale gave me a dice roll. I think I came in at top total as well because I got a $360 VIP sale. I think my highest sale ever. Now lets see if it banks. I asked for the credit card but they said no. Anyway, I ended up with doing $635 on semies. I also got a $20 credit card. Good stuff. But they were going to work us right to the wire and I left my recap there as I had a train to catch. I came in at my usual time and prepared to settle in for Smackdown but the Score announcer said something about how, WWE finally got it right to move Friday night Smackdown to Friday nights. Good stuff because it used to run into my lodge nights and a lot of hockey games are on Thursday nights.

Okay, time to Blog this and make my Blog rounds.


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