Monday, August 28, 2006

That was quite
the writing rush. I ended up with 1,532 words today and I’m at a total of 23,108 words towards the weekly goal. By Saturday night, I want to be at 30,000 words+ I have 7k left.

Good news, not only did I make my word count goal and then some, but Keith fixed up the formatting for Crosshairs for me and accepted the story. Also, Anne got her black sheep money today and some extra so I have enough for my lodge dues next week.

I went through my Blog rounds but most of my Blog people are at World Con so there aren’t many entries left to read. I’m surprised Holly Lisle didn’t make it this year. I’m sure lots of other big names didn’t as well. Next year it’s in Denver. World Con sounds like a lot of fun.


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