Thursday, August 03, 2006

My wife returned
from doing her shopping and I’m, onto my first coffee. We didn’t get a chance to do Pledges last night because he was hiding on us. He came out from the bedroom about 2am and we figured give him a break and we’ll give him his medicine before we go into work this afternoon.

Yeesh just as the Nation just laid to rest 2 soldiers another one was killed this morning and 3 Canadians were killed working for Nato. The soldier this morning was out of Edmonton. I’m not going to get to political here but I support our troops in Afghanistan and I think they are doing a great job. So far since the Afghanistan mission (what 2002 now?) we’ve lost 20 soldiers. These were decent people trying to help the Afghan people recover from over twenty years of war. No matter what your politics are our brave men and women over there need our support. The mission must go forward.

Alright that said I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee and at least we got the rent paid. Next our bus pass but we’re going into work using bus tickets just for today. We’ll get the bus pass tomorrow and we paid the balance on last months cable/internet bill and some on the utilities. This months cable is about due and we’ll have a cheque for that. In other words, this month is covered.

I had enough sleep. We got to bed about just before the end of Coast and Sparky woke me up about 6:15am. I did the cbi thing and was in bed by 6:30am or so. I slept until noon. I had 8 hours and that’s more then enough sleep for me.

I made some strategic movements within NW last night and this morning. I took out one of the Pov characters. This character was in about 4 scenes anyway and the character would be more suited towards being shown through the leads pov. Now I’m back to my 4 principle characters and I feel a lot better about that.

We gave Pledges his medicine and he took it a lot easier then the last time. Now that job is done for the day.


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