Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More often
then I care to count overnight was my sleep disturbed. Anne kept on waking me up every ten minutes or so what with her bad hip and pain in other parts of her. I got up about 6am to do the cbi thing and I tried going back to bed, No luck on my part. So, 7:30am rolled around and I decided to stay up for an hour and do some writing.

Since I started today’s writing session about just after midnight, I’ve got 1650 words done. I’m going to shoot for 2000 for today. There’s more time for writing when I get home as well. I’d like to write 3k today if I can.

Anyhow I went back to bed around 8:30am and I slept a little better getting up at 11:30am to watch The Rifleman. Another excellent episode.

It looks like space shuttle Atlantis is back on the move to its launch platform now that hurricane Ernesto has been reduced down to a tropical storm and poses no threat to the shuttle launch. That’s good news.

Seems the price of oil is dropping. Yikes. Not good news for us here in Alberta, It’s just under $70. I don’t think it’ll drop below $60. Highest I’ve seen the price of oil has been $77/barrel. There are two theories about oil. One is the peak oil notion and that is oil is a depleting resource from fossil fuels. Once it’s gone it’s gone. The other theory suggests that oil is “grown” naturally. Or Abiogenic. Hubbert’s peak Oil theory still seems reasonable to me. So is the Abiogenic theory “junk science?” I don’t know but as long as the Abiogenic theory is just a theory then it works in favor for us here in Alberta.

We got a nice big thunder storm last night just befoe midnight. Rain was pelting down very hard but it lasted heavy for about ten-twenty minutes. It's currently raining off on and on but the weekend should be nice.


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