Thursday, August 24, 2006

Keith from Sciencefictional
wants me to send him a story. I don’t have word but I have Works and I’m looking at sending him CH after I give the story the once over. Check it for flow and clarity.

Anne went ahead of me because she wanted to stop off at Time Horton’s to get a donut and brought her own bag down in case she missed me. I got there a head of her waiting for here at Clairview. We went in and I was feeling alright. I was a bit early but after I secured my dialer I got my cheque. My bank bonus wasn’t on my cheque this time so Mike is looking into it for me. It was only $21 bucks but $21 bucks is $21 bucks. I had a fun time at work there just flying. I ended up with $347 on the night and I was happy with that. I took 4 bsl readings and at about 6pm my 1st reading was 8.6, then I did it again around 6;45pm and it went down to 7.3 something. I had a Mars chocolate bar and my bsl dropped to 6.7 I believe. Then I took the reading again at 8pm and back up to 8.6! Doug Lay and I having a chuckle there wondering what the heck is going on. It was a crazy night. I want to go in for tomorrow afternoon and of course Saturday. By Saturday, I will be wiped out.

Anyway, back to work on CH. I’d like to get the story out to Sciencefictional (sfl) if I can Saturday night. If he publishes it fine but I don’t think it’s my best work. I think I can do a lot better but short stories isn’t where I want to go right now. Well, Lost worlds published "Earth Tones" why not sfl publish CH? I mean I really worked hard on this story. I must have wrote 7 different drafts of CH.

More tomorrow.


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