Saturday, August 26, 2006

The job was
a joke last night. Will had us do a campaign we hadn’t touched in awhile. Deaf Ice hockey. The deal was Will wanted $220 line hour or he was going to start moving people. I was getting the dead beats and by 6pm he shut my dialer off and had about 3 of us move over to the other front 20 doing the source level below Taps. The dreaded semi list. So at that point, with just 3 hours left in the shift, I didn’t care. But I was getting sales. I ended up with $210 for the night. Top total in the room. On that side. I felt a little better but I hope Will doesn’t do that to us again today. If I got to go back on semies, then, I’ll be looking for another job, for sure.

So I got out of there at our 8:30pm shift and on the train. I had to stand because it was a full train load today what with no extra trains despite the Fringe and “Tool” at Rexall place. So I got in and began watching this old James Stewart “Mr. Smith goes to Washington.” 1939. I ate some peanut butter and crackers, and watched the end of that and Smackdown.

Anne came home as I was just getting into my show and made me a little frozen thing with a bun. We decided because she took a travel pill that we’d give Pledges his medicine when she comes home because she’d going into work today as well. After Smackdown Anne did her Hamster stuff and went to bed. I watched the rest of ECW and went into bed by 1am. I turned Coast on for awhile. Open lines with his insomnia hot line. Ugh. So I shut it off and went to bed.

I wasn’t going to listen to that for half an hour. I got up a few times to make bathroom breaks and I got up the 2nd last time there and fed the cats. I thought I’d go back to bed and get a few more hours sleep but I didn’t have the alrm on. Anne needed it to go in and I thought, well, I may as well get up now for a few hours and do some Blogging and make my Blog rounds and perhaps get a bit of writing done as well. I’m going to make another pass at Crosshairs and submit the story to sfl this weekend.

Oh..and Gizmodo asks what do we use to tell time with? A watch or a cell phone? I agree with the author of the post a watch works for me.

That’s all for now.


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