Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I’ve had it
with X. Tonight we did the first hour BOB hockey game and I felt I did okay and then we did St. Michaels, and the majority of the calls I got were ‘99, ‘98 taps and very little ‘05 taps. Lot’s of ’06 ones which we have to reload. Maybe 30-30 people saying “take my name off the list.” So tomorrow I’m going into Convergy’s and apply. If they give me an interview right away, I’ll go in for Tuesday and Sat will be my last day at X.

I ended up doing 1,650 words today on NW and I need another 400 words to get to 2k.

Well, I managed to get the extra words in. Total word count today, 2078-26,546/100k. Also, I got 12 views out of Crosshairs. Thanks for reading. I’m going to be turning my writing up a notch as I went and learned a few tricks of the trade.

More latter.


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