Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I went to
bed by 1am but I couldn’t sleep. I listened to a bit of Coast as they had Jonathan Zap on air. Very interesting stuff. This Zap guy is a great speaker and seems to know what he’s talking about but I got up just as Anne was ready to turn in and asked me if I wanted to watch some TV. Sure. So I watched Adam-12 and was in bed by 2:30am and listened to a bit more of Coast. I past out by 3am and woke up around 6:20am to do the cbi thing. I was in bed by 7am and asleep by same to be woken up by the alarm clock ser at 8:30am. Groan. I woke up just before 10 am and now I’m up for the day. I think I got maybe 6hrs. If I’m lucky.

I’m up at this hour because I promised Will I’d be doing an afternoon make up shift much to my wife’s contention. It doesn’t matter if I’m in today or not at 1:30pm. All Rob would say to me was, “pick it up James bla, bla. Bla.” and move on. I might surprise myself and do well this afternoon. But I made a promise and I keep my promises. When I say I do something, I generally mean what I say.

Anyway I’ll be home at my usual time. Hard to believe 28 years ago today, exactly, I left New Westminster BC for Edmonton. Edmonton has changed a lot since then. The Cecil Hotel, a landmark burned down only a few years ago. Of course this area only p until just 6 years ago remained much the same. We got West Edmonton Mall, Grant Mcewan college went up in 1993. Medowlark Mall is only a shadow of it’s former self. All the sky scrapers were built in 1981. The university keeps expanding and so does the lrt. But even though things have been added it’s still the same city. More people have moved over the years. Stoney Plain Road from 101st-124th st has been totally developed. Up until about Cross town motors on the North side of SPR, were the CN tracks/yard. That whole strip area was a good mile if not more long. The South side of SPR was developed first in the early 1990’s. Sure a lit if things have changed but Edmonton still has the same feel and same look it did when I first moved here 28 years ago.

Anyway, I’m glad I worked on NW yesterday. I don’t know how much I’ll get done today but I want to write when I get home.

That’s all for now.


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