Thursday, August 10, 2006

I went to
bed about 4am and slept until 6am. I got up to do the cbi thing and back to bed and slept until Anne’s alarm went off about 10am and dozed off for about 40 min. So I think I got maybe 6hrs. I could use a lot more.

Today I’m going to work on scene sheet #10 and go into work and get my cheque (I hope) and work at that friggin hockey tonight. And put up with more of Will and Tony’s yelling in the isle. We’re probably going to do this hockey bs for awhile. Pain in the ass. I think I got 8 sales yesterday and a $25 credit card. We also had a full house as well. Mostly these are kids still in school.

So apparently overnight there was another terrorist plot that was foiled in London England. I only heard a bit of it on the news but at this point I don’t know what the details are. It seems that airlines are going to get even more cautious with carry on luggage. Not that it makes much difference to me, as I don’t air travel anyway.

Anne went on a bottle run earlier and to the Pet Mart store. A bit of lunch and then off to work, We’re low on groceries right now but I hope to get my cheque tonight. There’s a 99% strong possibility I will.

So, space shuttle Atlantis is about to go up soon. What by the end of the month? Apparently to replace some solar panels on the space stations.

Sitting here having my first coffee. Coast had just open lines last night. I listened for a bit but lost interest.

This week is the folk fest and then after that the fringe fest and that should be it for the festivals this summer.

Nothing new on the Oiler hockey front but I have a funny feeling Kevin Lowe is up to something. Before the enf of this month he’s going to make another huge announcement about a major deal. Something like the Pronger/Peca trade deal from last year.

Other then that, it’s the dog days of summer. At least we’re out of that heat wave we had 3 weeks ago. It’s more comfortable sleeping with the temps around +20* Not that we really have any problem with that because we have an AC.

Before bed last night I went and set up a Myspace account. This is still going to be as is and I’m not really doing anything with Myspace at the moment. I’m thinking to just use it to advertise my Blogger blog. See if I can get more traffic to my Blog.

But that’s all for now.


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