Thursday, August 31, 2006

I took the
travel pill around midnight and by 1:15am the pill began working on me. By 1:30am unconsciousness came. I had the best sleep in days. I got up at 6am to do the cbi thing. I did a bsl reading sitting at 10.3. High, but then considering the time of day and all I expect it to be that high in the morning. I went back to bed after that about 6:30am and sleep came slow, uneasy. I think I dozed off maybe 7:15am or so but I did manage to sleep after that, I think I got a total of 9-10hrs.

After I get this out of the way, I’ll blog this and make my blog rounds. Wow. Crosshairs has received 16 views. Less mine and Keith’s that’s 12 people that have read my story. Crosshairs has a lot of passive writing in it and I know the culprit. I use “was” to much. Passive and past tense. Two in one. Next story I send to Sciencefictional will have no more “was’s/wasn’t” in any of my writing if they want one of my stories that is.


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