Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I managed to
get 3 hrs sleep and I got up at 5 to do the cbi thing and went back to bed. I slept alright until my wife starts flinging her ar and wakes me up shortly before 7am. So, I’m up for awhile, maybe get some writing done.

So after the above I got a bit of writing in and went to bed at around 8:30am. I slept decent after that until about 11:45am. Altogether, I think I got maybe 7hrs sleep, I did manage to get just over 500 words on NW today. I’m well on pace. My back is still bothering me and I’m wondering if I have arthritis in my lower back now, Just what I need.

Because Labor Day is on a Monday, we’ll probably work this Saturday and have Sun and Monday off. That works out good because Sat is only a four hour shift and early in the day where it still makes it look like we got a full 3 day weekend.

Wuu who! I got 8 views on my "Crosshairs" story over there at sciencefictional so far. Let's see my view and Keith's view don't really count, so that makes 6 views so far. That doesn't mean folks actually sat down to read the story. Some might have skimmed it, some might have read the first 1000 words and thought, "yuck crapola," some might have even copied and pasted it for latter reading. Sciencefictional is down right now, but I'm sure Keith will have it up and running soon. If you like the story or think it sucks, please tell me either way by leaving a comment Or don't that's okay too. Thanks.


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