Friday, August 18, 2006

I had another
break last night and I decided to put another dent into my word count goal by 1,068 words before bed. Anne and I were in bed by 3am listening to Coast and George’s top stories, They should do open lines after the guest so callers can react to the program not before it. Anyway, Anne kept me up until 4am talking about the Ramsey case. I didn’t know many details of course. It’s nothing that has captured my interest. Like the Terry Shiavo thing last year, it was debated out the yin yang at AGF. And I’m sure much the same is going on now. Personally I think the guy they caught now didn’t do it because of the inconsistency in the case. Anyway,
I ended up passing out about 4am and I think I got an hour and got up shortly after 5am to do the cbi thing and I went back to bed. I slept erratically getting up to use the bath room but I slept more or less without interruptions, and somewhat refreshed getting up just around noon.

I did a bsl reading while I fired up the computer. 9.5. Still relatively high, because I’m not getting enough exercise. Just enough to walk out of Carona station and across the lot of First Edmonton Place to where I work at the Baker Center. That’s all, twice a day. I’m going to start walking back from Clairview station home after work. That’s a nice little walk.

At the moment, I’m 7,563 words into NW and well on my pace for 10k for the week. Another 2,437 to go and I can do those when I come home tonight or even Saturday after work. Next week I’ll put the two afternoon hours in. I don’t know how this will affect my 10k NW goal next week but that’s why I have Sun.

Also, we got the notice from the building that the water will be shut off this afternoon probably for pipe inspection so we loaded up with water; the bath tub and sink and kettle. We got a big Superstore water container here to work with anyway for drinking and cooking water, so we're alright. This is just an afternoon thing anyway.

This is cool. Stat counter has added a "recent visitor map" activity so I can where everybody is from. I like this stat counter. It's a nifty program. If you don't have it, just click on my link below.

Time to Blog this and make my Blog rounds.


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