Saturday, August 19, 2006

I got up
at about 4:45am to feed the cats and do the cbi thing. I tried going back to bed. Five am rolled around, 5:30am, and then 6am. I couldn’t sleep. I thought about getting up at 6:30am but tried to sleep. No luck. Of course cats were all over me to. I got up for good 20 min ago as Anne was up going to the bathroom and met me here asking if I’d be coming back to bed. What for an hour and a half that I might get 10 min sleep? At least on the compute, I can get something accomplished. Besides, I got to go in for work in about 2 hrs anyway. It’s only a 4 hour shift, so I’m not complaining. Really.

I’m onto my first coffee. Sun is coming up and it looks like it’s going to be a nice day.

It was this day, 29 years ago that Mike and Doris got married. I hadn’t made the decision to remain here in Edmonton at the time. I mean I had just bought a new 14” color TV and a new stereo among other things from a nice UIC “back pay” cheque. I was living high off that and just beginning my UIC. Of course, I had no plans beyond that and I had just moved into this apartment. It was a rather run down building but quiet and on the main floor 8th and Carnovan right in that area. A block South of the Douglas College. The building has since long been demolished, no doubt to make way for the College. Anyway, my 26th Birthday was coming up and it made sense to stay here and leave after my birthday. My birthday was on the Monday. I realized that there was nothing really keeping me in New Westminster. I began to hear from mom and dad what a great economy we had here and I could be put up here if I wanted for awhile at the Bellaire apartments with Jeff, mom and dad. So I decided I’d stay. I called UIC and I asked if I could have my UIC claim transferred here like I said, and the rest is history, 29 years ago. I’ve got an hour here but I don’t know if I want to get into an hour long writing episode. I may as well and Blog this later.


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