Monday, August 28, 2006

I got to bed
at 1am right after Bonanza leaving Anne out I the living room. She was watching her shows and combing Pledges. I listened to a bit of Coast, Art had Whitley Strieber on talking about aliens and stuff. Good show. But I was ready to pass out. I slept from 1:30am-5am and I got up to do the cbi thing. I got 3.5hrs. Then I went to bed and passed out waking up on an almost hourly bases to use the bathroom. I don’t know what’s going on. Thyroid problem, bloating, prostrate cancer. God knows. So, other then the bathroom breaks which were plentiful I got maybe an extra “4.5hrs sleep,” If you call that sleeping but I feel refreshed enough. Just as I woke up in bed I felt something give in my mouth. Oh no. A piece of tooth broke off. Sigh, it’s not my year. With Anne, she gets up maybe once or twice when she’s sleeping. Me, it’s almost on an hourly basis. Anyway, I’m going to Blog this and make my blog rounds. Hopefully I can get my 1000 words in today. I have my doubts.

And finally, thanks to Keith over there at sciencefictional for tidying up the formating from me for Crosshairs.


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