Sunday, August 27, 2006

I got into
work alright yesterday. JT showed up for a rare Saturday shift. Made the shift go by faster. Will was talking about how we’re getting these monitors stationed in the room so we can tell how our office counterparts are doing in other X offices. So I’ll be able to for example see what a sales agent in say Winnipeg is doing against a sales agent in Vancouver, doing the same campaign/source. See how our night shift office is doing against Brandon’s nigh shift etc. I don’t know if were able to see other offices in the states. I recall one time Mark was listening to an American X employee, just talking to a customer before he got the sale. I do that too to some extent as well when I can but mostly it’s just in and out. Also, there are rumors going around that we are going to start a Sunday shift. Sounds like a good idea. Call from Noon-5pm. I had a second donut at break and around 1pm I think I took a bsl reading and I was only at 10 something. It goes up for a bit then drops. I’ve never seen my bsl readings just stay in one spot.

Anyway I got home very tired. Anne was still at work and I decided to have a nap. It took me an hour before I could doze off but I was able to get maybe an hour/half bit of a snooze. I ended up doing 2000 words yesterday and I completed my 10k goal for the week. Today, I’m going to try and go for another 2k or more but lately my lower back has been in a lot of pain.

I watched an hour of Okanogan people and places last night which took me up until 9pm. Very enjoyable talking about the BC Dragoons during the early days of the opening of WW2 in Vernon BC. As much as I love Edmonton, if I had a chance to retire it would be either Vernon or Penticton. I think my father as a teenager lived in the Okanogan. I’ve been there a few times but not in recent memory and not since after my 20’s.

We gave Pledges his medicine and I ended up trying to format Crosshairs for sfl. WordPad and the Geeklog editor don’t work very well together. I went and copied and pasted the story in an email and sent it to myself so at least it’s formatted property. Getting it as a submission is the next tricky part. It’s actually a pretty good story after I read it again and made a few minor changes. I like it.

This week, I’m going to go like this: Mon 4hrs, Tues 7hrs, Wed 7hrs, Thur7hrs, Fri 3hrs, Sat 4hrs. That should get me 32.5 hrs and enough cash for my lodge dues so I can go in and pay my dues at our first meeting in Sept. I’ve tried to pay my lodge twice, once at the Feb emergent meeting and just before we got ill there in June. I think June 9th that Friday but Frank was a no show. So it wasn’t like I hadn’t made the effort.

I also need to pick up Bickham which has been on hold for me for over a month now. I want to order a few non fiction books as well as my regular monthly books but not many from Audrey’s Most of my books, I’m going to buy from Chapters except special order books, they’ll be from Audrey’s since their sf selection is rather lame.

Anyhow, Anne went over to Giant Tiger to get some potatoes etc. and I’m going to Blog this and make my Blog rounds. By that time brunch should be ready. After brunch, I want to take a walk for a bit just to get some exercise and some air. More later.


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