Monday, August 07, 2006

I found
Neal Asher’s Blog yesterday. Very nice Blog. Since I bought Brass Man on Friday I had to ask about a character he calls “Mr. Crane.” It seems this character has been in other books and BM is in a series. So this is a trilogy. I’ll probably finish my 2nd pass at Mindscan before the end of this month but because it’s my 55th Birthday coming up Aug 21st in 2 weeks, my wife wants to take me out over to West Edmonton Mall for Summer slam. Firstly, she’s going to go to Olive Garden and pick up something and I’m going to go to Chapters and pick up my September reading list. Two Neal Asher, I’ve got Two moons by James P Hogan on order. I also want to get one of J. Alan Irwines books as well, but that’s a special order. Probably for my October reading list. I also want to pick up one of Chris Roborsons books as well. My budget is 4 SF books/month. I plan on reading one book/month more as my reading speed picks up. So, I buy 4 read one. But if I finish a book in 2 weeks, at least I know I have a back up book

After I buy my books at Chapters on my B-day, then Anne will meet me and we go to the food court and then with my booty of books I go watch my Summer slam and then home. If this works out okay, I’ll be going to every wrestling event there and of course pick up books along the way.

Last night I went to bed about 2am and enjoyed Coast. Howard Bloom and Art Bell. Great combination. I slept until 6:45am, almost 4 hrs. I did the cbi thing back to bed and it was getting up 4 times through out the morning to use the bathroom. Cats roaming around on the bed and scratching wall. I woke up around 12:30pm with a slight headache right shoulder soar, neck soar, right eye floater, scoliosis always in the way. I’m over weight by a good 30 lbs and being diabetic getting up in the morning doesn’t help much either and I still need to write with what little time I have. I make time. It’s all about priorities.

I figure, my time at the computer is more precious to me then most anything else spare time wise. I’m on this thing 5 hours/day and more on the weekends. 15hrs. I’d say, 35hrs/week I‘m online or at this computer. That might be a lot of time, but I’m also writing and Bloging etc.
Writing wise, my goal isn’t so much in word count as it will be in scene count. I’m going to work on 1 scene/day and most likely 2 scenes/day on the weekends. Or 7 scenes/week. My books have 80 scenes/100K, not including transitional narrative, excluding SSF info dumps. NW is going to be 100k. Neal Asher’s Brass Man, came in at 141K he tells me.

The good news is, the crack heads have left. I think. We were able to sleep more or less peaceably. Well except me and my bathroom breaks. I drink a lot of fluids during the day.

Time to post this and make my Blog rounds.


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