Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hip-hop or Rap
or some God damn thing coming from upstairs, and it started half an hour ago. Bastards. Now if I had my own cell phone, I'd complain and call the Police. This is crazy. The people in #403 can hear it too no doubt. Chances are they aren't home. Except for that fucking stereo. The thing is those assholes seem to know that management can't be reached on a Sunday, much less a Sunday morning no less so they have free reign on cranking that thing up. Security around here is a joke. Basically whenever they can get somebody. This isn't an adult building. It's a family building and that makes all the difference. They seem to lower and up the volume at random. It can be quiet for a min then Up. Then two min later, Down. Right now, it's down but we'll see how that will last. Sigh the price I pay for being a writer.

Anyway , Anne ruined my weekend and now that BS upstairs and their stereo. It's up again. So the above tells me two things: 1.) The caretakers are gone for the weekend. 2.) and so are the people in #403 but #403 are probably stuck the same way I am. Anne is oblivious because she has ear plugs but I don't think they are fool proof either.

Yeesh. The music ended about 7:15am but Anne made a good point, we don't know if it came from upstairs above us or downstairs from the new people that just moved in. The old couple above us were very quiet and we had them here since when I moved in, Nov 2000. Six years of peace and quiet, which is why I liked living here until the crack heads moved in beneath us on the ground floor and the bums above us shortly after the old couple moved out.

Anyway I got 2 hrs and I did the cbi thing at 5am. I was in bed by shortly after 6am and no sooner did I hit the pillow and was just falling a sleep, that's when the music came on from either below or above. We believe that it's coming from upstairs and there's still crack heads below us. We're getting it from both ends.

Anyway, I was able to label desktop folders by Chapter numbers and insert the scenes within. Beginning-Middle-End. I think in the middle, except for Big Surprise #2 before and after, I'm going to have 2 scenes/Chapter and slow it down until the ending. So, I'm going to Blog this and go back to work on the cosmetics of NW, between struggling for serenity and the crack heads.

If I had a million doallars, I'd pack the wife and the lads out of the City, to some place quiet, like maybe Pentictin BC.


I think I have the same neighbors! About a year ago I had some crack heads living under me, but after half a dozen domestic violence calls to the police, they were evicted. Nothing worse than being woken up by the sound of the police department pounding on a door just a few feet away from your own...
Yeah, and the worst of it all is, this place for the last 6 has been fairly quiet. Earlier this evening though, the caretaker was out there on the grass talking up with them as they were on the balcony giving them the Police warning as well. Maybe I got your neighbors.

Thanks for your support.
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