Tuesday, August 08, 2006

that chore is done. We got 2/3rds of the medicine into him. It's harder on him then it is on us I'm sure.

Anyway, my wife is getting lunch done and I shaved and had my shower. It's going to be another hot one today.

My first experience at trying to be a writer was 1970. Regan Ave in Coquitlam BC. I recall at the time I was writing fanfic. I didn't know what fanfic was at the time. No typewriter, just pen on lose leaf filler paper. Then I got this boxed writing course a year later but I didn't do anything with it. I think in 1973 I sold the course to my friend Charles so I could live a his place until I got myself organized after my parrents moved here to Edmonton. In 1975. I wrote an article on the battle for Shillo American Civil War for the Trumpeter club magazine. I didn't do anything writing wise except my diary which I began in 1980-present. About 1985 I returned to writing fiction. I liked science fiction so much I wrote a novel called "Zyphrium Rising" which was a monster that went nowhere on a noisy portable typewriter. I wrote that in my little shipping office at Cobogo and home. See link Cobogo else where. I bought my first computer in 1987, the Atari 130xe but didn't do any writing with it. In 1988 I bought the Atari ST and in 1990, I wrote another partial meandering atempt at a novel "Gems at Oriel's bridge" and another "Meltdown." I think I still have the computer print out of some 300 double space pages of that around here. It wasn't until 1994 I was able to publish my first short story in a small press magazine called "Lost worlds." I also submitted a lot of short stories to various places and even got a kind comment by Orson Scott Card. Mostly I submitted maybe a half doz stories to Writers of the future contest. In 1996 my father past away and I got mixed up in a MLM company. I got some bad advice from my upline saying, "write when your Diamond." I made a go at that until just after I got married to my lovely wife and gave it up. I think I began writing more seriously in 2002. I submitted a few stories in 2005 but nothing that got accepted. Last year I wrote several novels that were a bit better then "Zyphrium rising." Today, I'm more focused then ever and armed with fiction writing education I never had before

Like I said I didn't get into writing again seriously until 2002 and this was stops and starts. More on this latter.

Supper time. Sorry about the typos. I'll clean this up and finish after I come back from work tonight.


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